Vasudevan-Raghavan-Abstract – ASPACC 2021 Conference

Numerical modeling of evaporation and combustion of liquid fuels

Abstract :
Understanding the transport processes during evaporation and combustion of liquid fuels are highly important. Comprehensive numerical models assist in carrying out simulations involving interlinked transport processes in liquid and gas phases using proper interface coupling conditions. The predictions from such numerical models reveal flow, temperature and species fields, with which the evaporation as well as combustion characteristics can be thoroughly analyzed. In this talk, key aspects of the numerical models used to simulate evaporation of isolated droplets under several operating conditions are presented. This includes evaporation in high pressure conditions, where real gas effects and solubility of ambient gas into the liquid droplet, come into play. Subsequently, challenges in simulation isolated droplet combustion using comprehensive models are presented. Importance of liquid phase motion on evaporation and combustion behavior, and water absorption in the case of alcohol droplets are reported. Finally, results from simulations of steady mass burning of liquid fuel in convective conditions and unsteady concurrent flame propagation over liquid fuel pools are discussed.

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