Matthew-Cleary – ASPACC 2021 Conference

Modelling the atomisation and combustion of turbulent sprays

Matthew J. Cleary
The University of Sydney,
School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering

Abstract :
Liquid spray combustion involves a series of interconnected processes including primary and secondary atomisation, droplet dispersion, evaporation and mixing, chemical reactions, heat release and pollutant emission. Multiscale turbulent interactions affect each of these. Modelling such flows necessarily requires the combination of models for each of the processes in a way that is accurate, consistent and numerically tractable. This paper reviews the field and critically evaluates the available approaches. A focus is placed on probability density function models which provide elegant solutions for spray combustion, in particular when naturally combined with highly efficient population balance equation and conditional moment closure type approaches. Under-developed aspects of spray combustion research are discussed along with promising emerging and future directions.

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