Mamoru-Tanahashi – ASPACC 2021 Conference

Mamoru Tanahashi received his B.E. degree in 1990, M.E. degree in 1992 and Dr. Eng. degree in 1996 all from Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), Japan. He was research associate (1992-2000) and associate professor (2000-2012) at Tokyo Tech. He was appointed as full professor of Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Tokyo Tech in 2012. Now, He is a professor of Department of Mechanical Engineering at Tokyo Tech. Prof. Tanahashi’s research interests include numerical, experimental and theoretical studies of turbulence structure, turbulence control, combustion control, turbulent heat & mass transfer, turbulent combustion and aero acoustics. He has published more than 125 refereed journal papers, more than 25 review papers and 7 books. Five patents were filed and licensed to big gas and trading companies. He also developed high accurate direct numerical simulation (DNS) schemes for turbulence and turbulent combustion, and discovered universal fine scale structure of fluid turbulence and also conducted the world’s first three-dimensional DNS of turbulent combustion with a detailed kinetic mechanism. In addition, his research group has developed combined and high speed laser diagnostics to investigate fine scale structure of turbulence and turbulent combustion. His invited or keynote lectures are more than 30 and he has won 22 awards from different institutions including Nukiyama memorial award. Now, he is director of Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, the Heat Transfer Society of Japan and Combustion Society of Japan, and fellow of Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics, Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers, Japan Association of Computational Mechanics and the Combustion Institute. For international conferences, he is a co-chair of the Pacific-Rim Thermal Engineering Conference and also serve as member of organizing committee and advisory board of many international conferences.

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